Ramón F Conchas

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We investigated the incidence of plasmid-mediated and chromosome-mediated iron uptake systems in strains of Vibrio anguillarum that belong to serotypes O1 and O2 and were isolated from different fish species and in different geographic areas. All of the strains gave positive reactions in CAS agar medium and in the Arnow test, which indicated that catechol(More)
This work represents the first evidence of the presence of an iron uptake system siderophore mediated in the bacterial fish pathogen Yersinia ruckeri. A group of 20 strains representative of this species, with different serotype and origin were examined. All of them were able to grow at high concentrations (from 0.7 to 1.1 mM) of the iron chelator EDDA.(More)
Rickettsia-like organisms (RLOs) were found in the commercially farmed abalone Haliotis tuberculata in the northwestern region of the Atlantic Coast of Spain and are described from light and transmission electron microscopy observations. The RLOs measured approximately 1.6 x 0.9 microm and were found in intracytoplasmic, spherical to ellipsoidal vacuoles(More)
Yersinia ruckeri, a fish pathogenic bacterium in aquaculture, was used to evaluate the electroporation as a new transformation method for this species. DNA used for the electrotransformation were plasmids of molecular mass ranging from 2.3 kb to 33 kb, and diverse replicons. To optimize this method we used Y. ruckeri 11.29 strain (from serotype 02) and(More)
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