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Secondary sicca syndrome has been described in silicotic and exposed nonpneumoconiotic individuals. Systemic autoimmune pathogenic mechanisms have been thought to be responsible. Salivary gland mineral deposition has not so far been implicated. We describe the case of a dental technician who sand-blasted dental prostheses and developed silicoproteinosis and(More)
The obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is associated to a increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, including stroke. However, it is not known the cause of this last association. In this work the authors carry out a brief review of the theories that explain the relationship between OSAS and stroke and comment the potential alterations in cerebral(More)
Progressive massive fibrosis (PMF) secondary to pneumoconiosis involves the formation of fibrotic masses that eventually cause death from multiple complications. We present a rare but potentially serious complication in a patient with coal pneumoconiosis with PMF, in whom the appearance of paroxysmal melanoptysis was attributed to the cavitation of one of(More)
To analyze the prevalence of tuberculosis infection, tuberculin tests were given to 3,292 elementary school children in the first and second grades in the environs of Albacete (Spain) in 1992. There were 1,532 children aged 6 (122 vaccinated with BCG) and 1,760 children aged 7 (162 vaccinated); 51 children tested positive (20 who had been vaccinated and 31(More)
BACKGROUND Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is an emerging risk factor for acute coronary syndrome (ACS). We sought to determine the effects of ethnicity on the prevalence of OSA in patients presenting with ACS who participated in an overnight sleep study. METHODS A pooled analysis using patient-level data from the ISAACC Trial and Sleep and Stent Study was(More)
We present two patients with diffuse interstitial lung disease attributed to two different forms of presentation of pneumonitis due to inhalation of isocyanates. The first case was acute and accidental and the second was due to longer workplace exposure. In both cases, clinical, radiological and lung function findings as well as results of bronchoalveolar(More)
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