Ramón Barberán

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The main objective of this paper is to examine the relationship between individual time preference for health and money. To that end, we tested whether individuals discount their own health at the same rate as their own money and, similarly, whether they discount social health in the same terms as social money. To offer private and social money and health(More)
There are many reasons of concern about the quality of water for domestic uses. The strategic goals of water tariffs must include savings, efficient management and equity in order to optimise availability of the best quality water. The main domestic uses of water are food preparation, personal hygiene and household cleaning; not all of them need the same(More)
This paper considers four patterns of intertemporal choice. First, the time effect, an inverse relation between time preference (TP) and the time implied in the choice. Secondly, the magnitude effect, an inverse relation between TP and the amount implied in the choice. Thirdly, delay/speed-up asymmetry, that is to say, a change in the preferences in(More)
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