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In tomato, numerous wild-related species have been demonstrated to be untapped sources of valuable genetic variability, including pathogen-resistance genes, nutritional, and industrial quality traits. From a collection of S. pennellii introgressed lines, 889 fruit metabolic loci (QML) and 326 yield-associated loci (YAL), distributed across the tomato(More)
Tocopherol, a compound with vitamin E (VTE) activity, is a conserved constituent of the plastidial antioxidant network in photosynthetic organisms. The synthesis of tocopherol involves the condensation of an aromatic head group with an isoprenoid prenyl side chain. The latter, phytyl diphosphate, can be derived from chlorophyll phytol tail recycling, which(More)
Data provide information about a tomato collection composed of accessions from the Andean Valley, commercial accessions and wild species. Antioxidant metabolites were measured in mature fruits of this collection, and their biological activities were assessed by both in vitro and in vivo methods. In this work, the parameters used to identify and quantify(More)
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