Ramón A. Fernandez-Diaz

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Metaheuristics are widely used to solve large combinatorial optimization problems in bioinformatics because of the huge set of possible solutions. Two representative problems are gene selection for cancer classification and biclustering of gene expression data. In most cases, these metaheuristics, as well as other non-linear techniques, apply a fitness(More)
This paper shows the lack of standard procedures to audit e-voting systems and also describes a practical process of auditing an e-voting experience based on a Direct-recording Electronic system (D.R.E). This system has been tested in a real situation, in the city council of Coahuila, Mexico, in November 2008. During the auditing, several things were kept(More)
The present paper describes a novel approach to evaluate the mass sensitivity of a Love wave (LW) sensor. A ZnO/XY LiNbO3 delay line based device with a sensing film was modeled and simulated applying the 3D- Finite Element Method (FEM). The radio frequency signal delays due to the thickness changes induced to the sensing film were registered and measured(More)
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