Raluca Roxana Purnichescu-Purtan

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OBJECTIVES We measured the serum concentration of a panel of inflammatory cytokines and evaluated their association with circulating proangiogenic biomarkers and with outcome in patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). METHODS We collected serum samples from 36 patients with PDAC, 9 patients with chronic pancreatitis, and 22 healthy(More)
The laparoscopic approach to a difficult splenectomy requires a longer total operative time and is frequently associated with an increased risk of bleeding and a high conversion rate. A total of 418 elective splenectomies were registered in the Department of General Surgery and Liver Transplantation of Fundeni Clinical Institute between January 1995 and(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate whether hepatic resections of ovarian cancer liver metastases provide a benefit in terms of survival as part of primary, secondary, tertiary, and even quaternary cytoreductive surgery. METHODS Data of patients submitted to surgery for ovarian cancer liver metastases at Fundeni Clinical Institute between(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Surgery remains a mainstay of current approaches for the treatment of gastric cancer. Since the introduction of the first mechanical stapling devices, a debate started about whether mechanical staplers or manual suture produce better results. METHODS 88 patients operated by a single team between January 2004 and November 2011 were included(More)
Biomarkers based on the molecular mechanism of sepsis are important for timely diagnosis and treatment. A large panel of small non-coding microRNAs was reported to modulate the immune response in sepsis but have not been tested in clinical practice. Large-scale identification of microRNA networks in sepsis might reveal a new biological mechanism that can be(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Central pancreatectomy is a pancreas-sparing alternative to standard pancreatic resections in selected cases. Although associated with high morbidity, the risk factors for surgical complications of this procedure are not yet defined. METHODOLOGY The clinicopathological and perioperative data of 24 patients who underwent central(More)
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