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The continuously growing traffic demand has motivated the exploration of underutilized millimeter wave frequency spectrum for future mobile broadband communication networks. Research activities focus mainly on the use of the V-band (59 - 64 GHz) and E-band (71 - 76 & 81 - 84 GHz) to offer multi-gigabit point to point transmissions. This paper describes(More)
An adult, female, captive, Matshchie's tree kangaroo was diagnosed with an anterior lens luxation in the right eye and a lens subluxation in the left eye. Both eyes were treated surgically with intracapsular lens extractions. A 360° rhegmatogenous retinal detachment was diagnosed 6 months postoperatively in the left eye. Aphakic vision was maintained in the(More)
A 29-yr-old female western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) was evaluated for low fertility and a midterm abortion. Laboratory testing included karyotyping, which revealed an unusual mosaicism for Turner syndrome with Triple X (47,X/49,XXX). This appears to be the first report of Turner syndrome in a great ape. In humans, Turner syndrome occurs in(More)
Although awareness of tuberculosis among captive elephants is increasing, antituberculosis therapy for these animals is not standardized. We describe Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission between captive elephants based on whole genome analysis and report a successful combination treatment. Infection control protocols and careful monitoring of treatment(More)
Point to multipoint (PmP) distribution at millimeter wave is a frontier so far not yet crossed due to the formidable technological challenge that the high atmospheric attenuation poses. The transmission power at level of tens of Watts required at millimeter wave for a reference range of 1 km is not available by any commercial or laboratory solid state(More)
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