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Sources of variability in the zona-free hamster egg penetration assay were evaluated. Internal consistency in the assay was examined in replicate experiments using sperm from 23 donors. The average difference in the percentage of fertilization between the replicates was 3.9%. Optimal preincubation conditions and insemination time were examined and shown to(More)
Professional medical associations (PMAs) play an essential role in defining and advancing health care standards. Their conferences, continuing medical education courses, practice guidelines, definitions of ethical norms, and public advocacy positions carry great weight with physicians and the public. Because many PMAs receive extensive funding from(More)
Dentin-bonded all-ceramic crowns employ contemporary techniques to lute the crown to the tooth using a resin luting material and dentin-bonding system. The advantages of these crowns are that they provide good esthetics and fracture resistance and can be used in cases of substantial tooth loss. Their principal disadvantages are that the luting procedure is(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective was to test the safety and efficacy of a pulsatile oxytocin infusion protocol in which a computer-controlled pump adjusts the oxytocin dose rate on the basis of uterine activity. STUDY DESIGN A total of 358 women were enrolled in, and 310 completed, a prospective, randomized clinical trial comparing three protocols for the(More)
PURPOSE To assess obstetrician-gynecologists' perceptions of their residency training in primary care, document health issues assessed at annual visits, and identify practice patterns of both generalist and specialist obstetrician-gynecologists. METHOD Questionnaires were mailed to a random sample of 1,711 American College of Obstetricians and(More)
Semen samples from 95 men were examined by routine semen analysis and specific histologic staining for sperm morphology. The men were classified into fertile and infertile groups on the basis of clinical evaluation and in vitro testing, using the zona-free hamster egg penetration assay. Thirty men were designated as fertile, as they had fathered children(More)
The presence of white blood cells in semen has been associated with male infertility. Previous studies indicate that pyospermia occurs in conjunction with decreases in sperm motility, number of normal sperm forms, and penetration rates in the zona-free hamster egg sperm penetration assay. We have evaluated the relationship of seminal white blood cells and(More)