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In this paper, we study relay and cooperative data gathering wireless sensor networks, where the system's output is the outcome of information fusion that is not only performed at the final destination, but is first distributed among several intermediate processing nodes. We propose a selective stream fusion procedure at clustering and sink nodes, that aims(More)
Wireless sensor networks have gained considerable interest in the research community during the last decade. In this paper, we target the lower layers in the protocol stack of wireless sensor networks, for the aim of providing a reliable backbone for multimedia applications where error propagation and relatively high error rates are a major concern.(More)
Partial depleted (PD) SOI technologies have reached maturity for production of high speed, low power microprocessors. The paper will highlight several challenges found during the course of development for bringing 40nm gate length (L/sub GATE/) PD SOI transistors into volume manufacturing for high-speed microprocessors. The key innovations developed for(More)
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