Ralph R Mayer

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BACKGROUND One major concern in the treatment of ACL lesions in children and adolescents with open physes is the risk of iatrogenic damage to the physes and a possibly resulting growth disturbance. PURPOSE The primary purpose of this article is to describe our technique of a transphyseal ACL reconstruction using quadriceps tendon-bone autograft in(More)
  • R Mayer
  • 1989
Fear of dental treatment is undoubtedly widespread. In the present study this fear, the "stress phenomenon", has been investigated. So-called biosignals were used to demonstrate the factual presence of these "anxiety conditions"; it has been found that they are increasing at the beginning of treatment and reach peak levels during certain much feared(More)
A television screen with a computer interface is an interactive workspace. It allows a human to talk to a computer to elicit information as progressions of images, sound, and text played from an optical videodisc or generated by computer. The workspace can be thought of as a learning tool: an interactive movie manual. The manual is as random access a device(More)
Hygienic studies of the manual buttons of a modern dental unit show that these buttons are being contaminated during treatment. The number of germs depends on the duration of treatment and on the number of patients treated. As these buttons were pushed with the foot in dental chairs of older design, the ergonomic advantages of modern dental units do not(More)
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