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The principles underlying the assembly of intranuclear compartments are only beginning to be understood. The karyosome is an organelle typical of oocyte nuclei. It represents the tightly packed oocyte chromosomes, arrested at the diplotene of meiotic prophase. It has been known from several insect orders that a prominent capsule of unknown materials is(More)
Oogenesis in Drosophila is a useful model for studying cell differentiation. We have analyzed the role of the egh gene in these processes with the aid of a newly isolated viable but female sterile allele. This mutation results in diverse variable defects in oogenesis. The most frequent defect being follicles that have either more or less than the normal(More)
Bug ovaries are of the telotrophic meroistic type. Nurse cells are restricted to the anterior tropharium and are in syncytial connection with the oocytes via the acellular trophic core region into which cytoplasmic projections of oocytes and nurse cells open. The origin of intercellular connections in bug ovaries is not well understood. In order to(More)
Telotrophic meroistic insect ovaries are assigned to four different types. The Sialis type is found in Sialidae (Megaloptera), Raphidioptera and a coleopteran subgroup (Myxophaga: Hydroscaphidae). King and Büning (1985) proposed a hypothetical model for the development of this ovariole type; however, a detailed description of ovarian development in Sialis(More)
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