Ralph Pototschnik

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BACKGROUND The demand for total hip and total knee arthroplasties is increasing as are the waiting times for these procedures. Because of the differences between rural and urban areas in terms of the provision of arthroplasty services and between the 2 patient groups, patient perspectives of waiting times may also be different. METHODS To compare waiting(More)
Pulmonary surfactant obtained from rabbit lung lavage was evaluated with the pulsating bubble surfactometer. Because surfactant forms a monomolecular film at the air-liquid interface consisting mainly of phospholipids, solvent vapors, which might be inhaled, could have a destructive influence on the surfactant monolayer. To assess the risk of such an(More)
We have generated several human alloreactive cytolytic T lymphocyte (CTL) clones specific for HLA B27 expressed on cells of normals or of patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS). These clonal T cell reagents were used to test the recognition of panels of target cells from B27+AS+, B27+AS- and B27- individuals. None of these CTL clones distinguished(More)
Preterm rabbit fetuses, delivered on the 27th day of gestation, were studied following upper airway instillation with either natural surfactant (NSA) obtained from the lavage of adult rabbit lungs or with a protein-free suspension of lipids extracted from lung wash (ESA). First, lung compliance was studied postmortem. The administration of 25 microliters of(More)
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