Ralph Patrick

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MOTIVATION The determinants of kinase-substrate phosphorylation can be found both in the substrate sequence and the surrounding cellular context. Cell cycle progression, interactions with mediating proteins and even prior phosphorylation events are necessary for kinases to maintain substrate specificity. While much work has focussed on the use of(More)
The half-life of a protein is regulated by a range of system properties, including the abundance of components of the degradative machinery and protein modifiers. It is also influenced by protein-specific properties, such as a protein’s structural make-up and interaction partners. New experimental techniques coupled with powerful data integration methods(More)
Identifying kinase substrates and the specific phosphorylation sites they regulate is an important factor in understanding protein function regulation and signalling pathways. Computational prediction of kinase targets - assigning kinases to putative substrates, and selecting from protein sequence the sites that kinases can phosphorylate - requires the(More)
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