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Multicriteria optimisation problems occur naturally in engineering practices. Pareto analysis has proven to be a powerful tool to characterise potentially interesting realisations of a particular engineering problem for design-space exploration. Depending on the optimisation goals, one of the Pareto-optimal alternatives is the optimal realisation. It occurs(More)
We present an on-chip, fully-digital, power-supply control system. The scheme consists of two independent control loops that regulate power supply variations due to semiconductor process spread, temperature, and chip's workload. Smart power-switches working as linear voltage regulators are used to adjust the local power supply. The smart power-switch allows(More)
• A submitted manuscript is the author's version of the article upon submission and before peer-review. There can be important differences between the submitted version and the official published version of record. People interested in the research are advised to contact the author for the final version of the publication, or visit the DOI to the(More)
The paper is a concise survey as well as an exposition of ideas about automation of layout design. Central is a discussion of imperatives of a layout design system suitable for VLSI. Of course, such a system has to take account of the embedding into an integrated design system. However, layout design faces two major problems. One results from industry's(More)
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