Ralph McGarity

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The Motorola 68040 is a third-generation, high-performance, full 32-b microprocessor. The caches, memory-management units (MMUs), and autonomous controllers for the caches and external bus that comprise the memory subsystem are described. The 68040's memory subsystem supports the performance of the integer and floating-point units by using autonomous(More)
Experiments performed with the SLIM symbolic circuit compactor are described. The experiments were designed to compare SLIM created modules to manually created modules, to attempt to find performance predictors for SLIM, and to determine how well SLIM would compact modules created by a “synthesis-by-refinement” program. The results indicate that(More)
The integer, floating-point, and on-chip memory subsystems of the Motorola 68040 microprocessor operate in parallel to achieve four times the performance of a 68020 microprocessor and ten times the performance of a 68882 floating-point coprocessor. The integer and floating-point units are described in terms of their performance, internal architecture, and(More)
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