Ralph M. Ford

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The diversity of pathogenetic mechanisms involved in posttraumatic visual impairment was reviewed in a study of the hospital records of 24 patients admitted with multiple injuries. Most major visual abnormalities occurred in young people (average age 33 years) who presented with a wide range of overall severity of injury (injury severity score 13-47) and(More)
6,021 40-year-old and older chronic asthma suffers, seen during the past 20 years, were analyzed with regard to the development of primary lung cancer and their smoking habits. Over this period only two developed lung cancer, 0.032% as compared with 0.314% in the general population. Only 16.9% of chronic asthmatics had smoked over any significant period(More)
The detection of shot boundaries in video sequences is an important task for generating indexed video databases. This paper provides a comprehensive quantitative comparison of the metrics that have been applied to shot boundary detection. In addition, several standardized statistical tests that have not been applied to this problem, as well as three new(More)
This case report documents fetal death in utero at 30 weeks' gestation due to subdural and subarachnoid haemorrhages, resulting from a motor vehicle accident in which the mother sustained 'seat belt' and facial injuries. There was no evidence of placental abruption. The causes of fetal deaths in utero following maternal involvement in motor vehicle(More)