Ralph L. Shelton

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The mechanisms underlying the frequent association of nausea and vomiting with elevations of plasma vasopressin(PAVP) were studied in man and rat. After oral water loads (N = 16), plasma osmolality fell in all human subjects and was associated with a decline in PAVP in 14 asymptomatic human subjects. In 2 human subjects, nausea occurred and was associated(More)
Two studies concerning preschool misarticulating children are reported. The first study was concerned with direct effects of two varieties of parent-administered listening training. The second study focused on the influence of that same training on children's responses to sound-production training. Subjects were assigned to one of three conditions:(More)
Intraoral pressures and oral flows were measured as normal talkers produced /p lambda/ and /si/ under experimental conditions that perturbed the usual aeromechanical production characteristics of the consonants. A translabial pressure-release device was used to bleed off intraoral pressure during /p/. Bite-blocks were used to open the anterior bite(More)