Ralph Keim

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Echo-planar imaging (EPI) generates considerable acoustic noise by rapidly oscillating gradients. In functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI), unshielded EPI sounds activate the auditory system inasmuch as it is responsive. Instead of attenuating EPI noise, our goal was to utilize it for auditory FMRI by omitting read-outs from the pulse sequence's(More)
Measurements of the ratio OH/HO2, NO, 03, C10, and BrO were obtained at altitudes from 15-20 km and latitudes from 15-60øN. A method is presented for interpreting these simultaneous in situ observations that constrains the rates of chemical transformations that 1) are responsible for over half the ozone removal rate in the lower stratosphere via reactions(More)
In situ measurements of hydrogen, nitrogen, and chlorine radicals obtained in the lower stratosphere during SPADE are compared to results from a photochemical model that assimilates measurements of radical precursors and environmental conditions. Models allowing for heterogeneous hydrolysis of N205 agree well with measured concentrations of NO and C10, but(More)
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