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ARvH DvH JRJ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The research reported on in this book spans a period of twelve years. In that time I have been helped by many colleagues, students, innovators, and research sponsors. I have striven to make the research and this book worthy of the generous help I have been given. for giving me many valuable comments as the research proceeded. I(More)
In the traditional new product development process, manufacturers first explore user needs and then develop responsive products. Developing an accurate understanding of user needs is not simple or fast or cheap however, and the traditional approach is coming under increasing strain as user needs change more rapidly, and as firms increasingly seek to serve(More)
Although previous researchers have proposed organizational demography as an important determinant of communication, no one has tested this relationship directly. Further, distinctions between the impacts of different demographic variables on communication have not been explored. This study used sociometric data collected from a U.S. electronics firm to(More)
Oral epithelial dysplasia (OED) is a histopathological diagnosis that is associated with an increased risk of oral cancer. The purpose of this case-control study was to measure the association between OED and the use of smoking tobacco and alcoholic beverages. Incident cases of OED (n = 127) were identified through two oral pathology laboratories. Controls,(More)
This paper traces the history of the epidemiologic assessment of root caries over the past 30 years. This history clearly points out that a critical junction has been reached between the state-of-the art for the reporting of root caries and the demand placed on research and service components of the oral health system. If progress is to be made, it is(More)
Smokeless tobacco and areca nut are popular with South Asians and South Asian immigrants, most commonly used as paan and gutka. Their regular use leads to oral cancer. The South Asian community in the U.S. is rapidly growing, where paan and gutka are readily available. The study was the first exploration of the migration of the paan and gutka habits, and(More)
Ninety-two women and their first-born children took part in a longitudinal survey of maternal mental health. When the children were four years old, their mothers were interviewed by means of the Behavioural Screening Questionnaire, and the children's problems were rated by a psychiatrist, who was unaware of the mothers' psychiatric histories or of(More)
BACKGROUND The relative effects of race/ethnicity and other sociodemographic factors, compared to those of attitudes and beliefs on willingness to have cancer screening, are not well understood. METHODS We conducted telephone interviews with 1148 adults (22% Hispanic, 31% African American, and 46% white) [corrected] from 3 cities in mainland United States(More)
Although it has been established that aspiration of pharyngeal bacteria is the major route of infection in the development of nosocomial pneumonia, colonization of the pharyngeal mucosa by respiratory pathogens has been shown to be a transient phenomenon. It has been suggested that the dental plaque may constitute an additional, possibly more stable,(More)
Protein-energy malnutrition occurs when there are deficiencies in protein, energy foods or both, relative to a body's needs. This paper reviews the association of early childhood malnutrition with: (1) dental caries, (2) enamel hypoplasia, (3) salivary gland hypofunction, and (4) delayed eruption. Studies suggest that caries of the primary dentition is(More)