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The behavior of a net of interconnected, communicating processes is described in terms of the joint actions in which the processes can participate. A distinction is made between centralized and decentralized action systems. In the former, a central agent with complete information about the state of the system controls the execution of the actions; in the(More)
A morphological analysis of the compartments of the endocytic pathway in baby hamster kidney (BHK) cells has been made using the fluid-phase marker horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The endocytic structures labeled after increasing times of endocytosis have been identified and their volume and surface densities measured. In the first 2 min of HRP uptake the(More)
Action systems provide a method to program distributed systems that emphasizes the overall behavior of the system. System behavior is described in terms of the possible interactions (actions) that the processes can engage in, rather than in terms of the sequential code that the processes execute. The actions provide a symmetric communication mechanism that(More)