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Manifest Rationality: A Pragmatic Theory of Argument
Contents: Preface. Introduction. Part I: The Historical Context. Context: Argumentation as a Cultural Practice. Context: The Study of Argumentation. Paradigm Abandoned: Critique of Deductivism.Expand
Fundamentals of Argumentation Theory : A Handbook of Historical Backgrounds and Contemporary Developments
Contents: Preface. Introduction. Part I: Historical Backgrounds. Analytic, Dialectic and Rhetoric. Analysis of Fallacies, Controversy, and Discussion. Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca's New Rhetoric.Expand
Argumentation as dialectical
Fundamentals Of Argumentation Theory
The blaze of her splendors: Suggestions about revitalizing fallacy theory
Criticisms of fallacy theory have been lodged from many different directions. In this paper, I consider the classic criticism of incompleteness by DeMorgan, Finocchiaro's claim that fallaciesExpand
Theory and Practice Again: Challenges from Pinto and Toulmin
In Argument, Inference and Dialectic (2001) Pinto argues that critical practice can furnish us with the necessary guidance to answer our questions about argument and inference; we do not need toExpand
Logical Self-Defense
A Meta-Level Approach to the Problem of Defining ‘Critical Thinking’
The problem of defining ‘critical thinking’ needs a fresh approach. When one takes into consideration the sheer quantity of definitions and their obvious differences, an onlooker might be tempted toExpand
The Relation between Formal and Informal Logic
The issue of the relationship between formal and informal logic depends strongly on how one understands these two designations. While there is very little disagreement about the nature of formalExpand