Ralph Guggenheim

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The findings by scanning and transmission electron microscopy of multiple glial excrescences from the retina into the cortical vitreous body are described. These formations are located in lines above superficial retinal vessels. The findings are compared with those from light microscopy of similar formations. The pathogenesis and the possible significance(More)
The panelists come from a variety of backgrounds-some have helped small companies grow large, others have left large studios to form small ones. They all have senior management experience in markets that span the entire spectrum-feature films effects, television commercials, motion-based simulator rides, animated features, television series, animated(More)
will present and discuss issues related to producing 3D computer animation and digital image synthesis in the context of long format productions. Top producers of feature films, television shows and specials will be the featured speakers. Introduction As digital technology continues its plunge into the film and video production mainstream, more and more(More)
A few years have passed since the great depression of computer graphics animation companies. New companies formed, a few survived, and the industry seems to be back on its feet. What have we learned from our experience? What will the future bring? Panelists discuss their company's direction, current projects, their goals and views of the future. My name is(More)
The authors describe their findings by scanning electron microscopy of the surface of the retina following secondary and primary senile posterior vitreous detachment. These findings are correlated with those of transmission electron microscopy. Extended nets formed by vitreous fibrils can be found on the retinal surface. The fibrils form a continuous(More)
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