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OBJECTIVES To provide (via the Mental Health Act Commission's "national visit") empirical evidence on ward occupancy levels, use of the Mental Health Act 1983, nurse staffing, and care of female patients on acute adult psychiatric wards. DESIGN One day survey of a stratified random sample. SETTINGS 119/250 (47%) acute adult psychiatric inpatient units(More)
Despite the shift in recent policy toward people with severe and long-term mental health problems, there is considerable evidence that mental health nurses tend to prioritize clients with acute, neurotic or short-term problems and become demoralized when working with people with persistent needs and disabilities. Mental health nurses need to find ways of(More)
All NHS services are expected to make in-patient wards single-sex. However, as LESLEY WARNER and RICHARD FORD report, women in psychiatric hospitals still have to share sleeping accommodation with men, and still experience sexual harassment, violence, threat and abuse. Some units are unable even to guarantee 24-hour access to a female member of staff.
Background Assertive outreach is a central strand of Government mental health policy in England. Are different long-term models of mental health care which include assertive outreach associated with different service user outcomes and cost? Method We conducted a multi-site 5-year follow-up study of people with severe mental illness. From 0 to 18 months all(More)
The publication of the national service framework for mental health provides a good opportunity to review acute psychiatric services, which are unpopular with patients and understaffed. The framework recommends a balance of hospital beds, community provision and home care. Planning should usually cover one or more primary care groups.
In the context of the National Primary Care Facilitation Programme, the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health has reviewed the membership of the Mental Health in Primary Care Network, and explored members' roles; the findings of the review are reported in this article. Researchers examined the activities undertaken by network members, and identified the(More)