Ralph Feenstra

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New systems can be designed by composing them out-of-existing software components which are accessible as web services and provided by the service providers. Governmental organizations can act as service providers by providing information or functionality like authenticating. The basic premise is that by reusing components, development and maintenance costs(More)
Nowadays new systems for electronic service delivery are comprised of components. These components may be locally developed, managed and optimized and not intended to be reused in composite applications. By compositing modular components in new systems large, distributed systems can be developed in which services provided by various stakeholders are(More)
New systems can be created by assembling a set of elementary services provided by various stakeholders in a service composition. Service composition is not a trivial endeavor and several composition methods exist. Yet, these methods are hardly adopted by the field, as they need a set of well-defined and well-described services and are not able to deal with(More)
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