Ralph E . Locher

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The Power MOSFETs that are available today perform the same function as Bipolar transistors except the former are voltage controlled in contrast to the current controlled Bipolar devices. Today MOSFETs owe their ever-increasing popularity to their high input impedance and to the fact that being a majority carrier device, they do not suffer from minority(More)
We present our attoline which is a versatile attosecond beamline at the Ultrafast Laser Physics Group at ETH Zurich for attosecond spectroscopy in a variety of targets. High-harmonic generation (HHG) in noble gases with an infrared (IR) driving field is employed to generate pulses in the extreme ultraviolet (XUV) spectral regime for XUV-IR cross-correlation(More)
Hourly measurements of 13 volatile hydrocarbons (C2–C7) were performed at an urban background site in Zurich (Switzerland) in the years 1993–1994 and again in 2005–2006. For the separation of the volatile organic compounds by gas-chromatography (GC), an identical chromatographic column was used in both campaigns. Changes in hydrocarbon profiles and source(More)
Spring barley cv. Blenheim was grown from anthesis to harvest-ripeness in a controlled environment room at a constant temperature of 13~ in a 16h day. Ears were harvested at intervals, and grains from mid-ear were sampled (1) to establish the pattern of dry weight accumulation, and (2) to examine starch granule formation using scanning electron microscopy(More)
Virtually every piece of electronic equipment, e.g., computers and their peripherals, calculators, TV and hi-fi equipment, and instruments, is powered from a DC power source, be it a battery or a DC power supply. Most of this equipment requires not only DC voltage but voltage that is also well filtered and regulated. Since power supplies are so widely used(More)
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