Ralph Decker

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BACKGROUND The emergence of psychogenic seizures after surgery for epilepsy is not well recognized. OBJECTIVES To identify the frequency of psychogenic seizures in an 11-year surgical experience and to characterize the patients with this complication. METHODS Ninety-six patients underwent surgery for epilepsy between 1985 and 1996. The surgical database(More)
PURPOSE To determine the usefulness of CT angiography in the setting of suspected acute subarachnoid hemorrhage or intracranial aneurysm. METHODS We prospectively studied 68 patients suspected of having subarachnoid hemorrhage or an intracranial aneurysm with noncontrast CT of the head followed immediately by contrast-enhanced helical CT of the circle of(More)
The detection of a fatal case of reactivation of hepatitis B, in a previously vaccinated Indonesian patient after withdrawal of chemotherapy for lymphoma, was delayed because HBsAg was negative in a widely used monoclonal-antibody-based ELISA. The serum was later found to be strongly reactive for HBsAg by the polyclonal radioimmunoassay and for HBV DNA. PCR(More)
Anti-GOR is an autoantibody found in hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. We have studied the specificity of this antibody for HCV infection in various groups of autoimmune liver diseases. Anti-HCV was detected by a second generation HCV enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in 14 of 29 patients with liver-kidney-microsomal (LKM-1) -antibody-positive autoimmune(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND In addition to stimulating linear growth in children, growth hormone (GH) influences metabolism and body composition. These effects should be considered when individualizing GH treatment as dose-dependent changes in metabolic markers have been reported. HYPOTHESIS There are different dose-dependent thresholds for metabolic effects(More)
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