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To achieve the vision of information superiority, secure and timely sharing of information is needed between geographically separated platforms and users. However, often the producers and consumers of the information, as well as the information itself are separated in different security domains. A COTS marketplace of composable, high assurance components(More)
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  • 2006
OBJECTIVE To determine what wear parameter(s) have clinical relevance and what factors are important for accurate measurement of these parameters in vivo and in vitro. METHOD Describe biomechanical factors affecting mastication and the mechanics of wear. Investigate how they impact the wear of teeth and restorative materials. Based on this information,(More)
Enamel wear by ceramics may adversely affect maintenance of the vertical dimension of occlusion and can increase the potential for thermal sensitivity. In this article, factors related to the abrasion of enamel by dental ceramics are critically reviewed. Concepts of physical, microstructural, chemical, and surface characteristics of dental ceramics on wear(More)
Three-dimensional imaging of dental tissues will have a major impact in dentistry if the images are accurate. The purpose of this study was to measure the accuracy and precision of a system for creating three-dimensional images of dental arches. Using vinyl polysiloxane impression materials and improved dental stone, we made 10 stone casts of a "dental"(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Quantitative measures of occlusal contacts are of paramount importance in the study of chewing dysfunction. A tool is needed to identify and quantify occlusal parameters without occlusal interference caused by the technique of analysis. PURPOSE This laboratory simulation study compared occlusal contacts constructed from 3-dimensional(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Accurate recording of implant locations is required so that definitive restorations are properly supported and do not place additional stress on the implants. Angulated implants may result in inaccurate impressions, and the impression technique may affect the accuracy of the definitive cast. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to(More)
Strain gauges were mounted on 12 maxillary pre-molars which were subjected to a sequence of restorative procedures for MOD preparations. An occlusal stress was applied using servohydraulics, and the cuspal flexure was assessed using a strain gauge. Two bonded and three non-bonded restorative procedures were tested for each tooth. The two bonded conditions(More)
Two servo-hydraulic actuators were combined to produce the force movement cycle of human mastication. A closed-loop method of control was used which functions in a manner similar to the human neuromuscular system. The horizontal closed-loop uses a linearly variable differential amplifier (LVDT) to monitor the position. The vertical closed-loop uses both an(More)
PURPOSE This in vitro study compared the wear of enamel against 3 types of ceramics with high esthetic potential (designed for layering techniques): feldspathic porcelain (Creation), aluminous porcelain (Vitadur alpha), and low-fusing glass (Duceram-LFC). Laboratory finishing (glazing/polishing) and chairside polishing with a Dialite kit were simulated to(More)