Ralph Chapman

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OBJECTIVE To assess whether non-polluting, more effective home heating (heat pump, wood pellet burner, flued gas) has a positive effect on the health of children with asthma. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING Households in five communities in New Zealand. PARTICIPANTS 409 children aged 6-12 years with doctor diagnosed asthma. INTERVENTIONS(More)
BACKGROUND A deficiency in phaseolin and phytohemagglutinin is associated with a near doubling of sulfur amino acid content in genetically related lines of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), particularly cysteine, elevated by 70%, and methionine, elevated by 10%. This mostly takes place at the expense of an abundant non-protein amino acid, S-methyl-cysteine.(More)
Isoflavonoids are a diverse group of biologically active natural products that accumulate in soybean seeds during development. The majority of isoflavonoids are accumulated in the form of their glyco- and malonyl-conjugates in soybean seeds. The conjugation step confers stability and solubility to isoflavone aglycones enabling their compartmentalization to(More)
The resilience of cities in response to natural disasters and long-term climate change has emerged as a focus of academic and policy attention. In particular, how to understand the interconnectedness of urban and natural systems is a key issue. This paper introduces an urban model that can be used to evaluate city resilience outcomes under different policy(More)
BACKGROUND Policy advisers are seeking robust evidence on the effectiveness of measures, such as promoting walking and cycling, that potentially offer multiple benefits, including enhanced health through physical activity, alongside reductions in energy use, traffic congestion and carbon emissions. This paper outlines the 'ACTIVE' study, designed to test(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is of increasing importance with about one in four people estimated to be diagnosed with COPD during their lifetime. None of the existing medications for COPD has been shown to have much effect on the long-term decline in lung function and there have been few recent pharmacotherapeutic advances.(More)
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