Ralph Carlson

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Minoxidil and other potent vasodilators cause coronary arterial injury, right atrial hemorrhagic lesions, and subendocardial necrosis in dogs. This paper discusses the pathogenesis of coronary arterial and right atrial lesions associated with minoxidil in the dog. Acute coronary vascular injury characterized by segmental medial hemorrhage and necrosis and(More)
Lipids secreted from the Dufour's glands of the bees Anthophora centriformis, Anthophora californica tarsata, Emphoropsis miserabilis, Megachile (Delomegachile) gemula, M. (Phaenosarus) fortis, M. (Argyropile) parallela, and M. (Melanosarus) xylocopoides primarily consist of short chain (C2-C20) fatty acid triglycerides. Nearly 95% of the triglycerides from(More)
The functional end-to-end technique with a gastrointestinal stapler is commonly used for small-bowel anastomosis, but the effects of this anatomically side-to-side anastomosis on motility are unknown. Fasting small-bowel myoelectric activity and culture results were compared in six animals undergoing handsewn end-to-end and functional end-to-end(More)
estimating right and left ventricular stroke volumes. Am J Physiol 225: 1460, 1973 10. Starmer CF, McHale PA, Cobb FR, Greenfield JC Jr: Evaluation of several methods for computing stroke volume from central aortic pressure. Circ Res 33: 139, 1973 11. Warner HR: Role of computers in medical research. JAMA 196: 944, 1966 12. Warner HR, Gardner RM, Toronto(More)
The quantity of fluid retained during the first 48 hours of resuscitation has been suggested as an indicator of burn severity and mortality (13). In this study of 82 adult burned patients with more than 20% total body surface burns we found that the net fluid retention during the first 48 hours of resuscitation was a predictor of burn mortality and(More)
Delayed gastric emptying occurs in up to 50% of patients after truncal vagotomy and Roux-Y antrectomy and is often resistant to nonsurgical therapy. This study evaluates the effect of erythromycin, metoclopramide, and motilin on delayed gastric emptying in four dogs after Roux-Y antrectomy. Solid food gastric emptying was measured using a radionuclide(More)
Delayed gastric emptying occurs frequently following Roux-en-Y gastrojejunostomy. The role of vagal denervation in the etiology of this "Roux-stasis syndrome" is controversial. This study evaluates the effect of selective vagotomy on gastric emptying and motility following Roux-en-Y. Four dogs underwent control gastric emptying studies. The animals then(More)