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This paper addresses the modeling of strains generated by magnetostrictive transducers in response to applied magnetic elds. The measured strains are dependent upon both the rotation of moments within the material in response to the eld and the elastic properties of the material. The magnetic behavior is characterized through the consideration of the(More)
This paper addresses the development of a unified framework for quantifying hysteresis and con-stitutive nonlinearities inherent to ferroelectric, ferromagnetic and ferroelastic materials. Because the mechanisms which produce hysteresis vary substantially at the microscopic level, it is more natural to initiate model development at the mesoscopic, or(More)
A Galerkin method for systems of PDE's in circular geometries is presented with motivating problems being drawn from structural, acoustic and structural acoustic applications. Depending upon the application under consideration, piecewise splines or Legendre polynomials are used when approximating the system dynamics with modications included to incorporate(More)
A problem of continued interest concerns the control of vibrations in a exible structure and the related problem of reducing structure-borne noise in structural acoustic systems. In both cases, piezoceramic patches bonded to the structures have been successfully used as control actuators. Through the application of a controlling voltage, the patches can be(More)