Ralph Bernstein

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This paper describes digital image processing techniques that were developed to precisely correct Landsat multispectral Earth observation data and gives illustrations of the results achieved, e.g., geometric corrections with an error of less than one picture element, a relative error of one-fourth picture element, and no radiometric error effect. Techniques(More)
A technique for the positioning and immobilization of Drosophila embryos in 2-D arrays for use in high throughput microinjection experiments has been characterized. The method is based on fluidic microassembly, and immobilization yield, the number of misplaced embryos, alignment properties, and adhesion force of the embryos have been measured for samples(More)
406 In countries such as Italy, Japan, and Mexico, where active volcanoes are located in highly populated areas, the problem of risk reduction is very important. Actual knowledge about volcanic behavior does not allow deterministic event prediction or the forecasting of eruptions. However, areas exposed to eruptions can be analyzed if eruption(More)