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Based on a Scottish study, this article presents findings from qualitative analysis of interview data, on views of people with enduring mental disorders (people) regarding services provided by community psychiatric nurses (CPNs) and what these people value in working with CPNs. Thirteen people took part in semi-structured interviews, and data were analysed(More)
BACKGROUND CD8 cells are key to antiviral immunity and can be divided by phenotype into early (CD28+ CD27+), intermediate (CD28-CD27+) and terminally differentiated subsets (CD28- CD27-). Despite effective HAART there is an unexplained expansion of CD8+CD28-CD27-T cells in HIV-infected children. The cytokine production and specificity of this terminally(More)
This article examines surrogacy arrangements in Israel. The Law of Surrogacy was legislated in March 1996. Surrogacy agreements are strictly limited by the criteria set forth in the law. An authorizations committee was set up by the Ministry of Health to examine each application for approval of a surrogacy agreement. Prior to filing the request, the(More)
  • R Adam
  • 1981
The objectives of applied psychoanalysis result from its therapeutic mission. Fear and feelings of guilt ought to be diminished, restraints reduced and gaps in the experience and perception be filled up. This must be the content of psychotherapeutic work. Simultaneously it is implied, that the basic vital feeling will change positively. Its components can(More)