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A comprehensive multi-layer second order radiative transfer model, driven entirely by intensive field observations, is used to show that second order terms contribute at most 0.5 dB to the backscattering coefficent at all polarisations from wheat and barley throughout the growing season, and 1 dB to the copolar response of oilseed rape. Under these(More)
This report describes the clinicopathologic features of a 49-year-old woman who was reoperated on for bulky abdominal metastases 20 years after hysterectomy for endometrial stromal myosis (ESM). The levels of estrogen (ER) and progesterone (PR) receptors measured in the resected tumorous tissue amounted to 48.3 and 71.4 femtomoles (fmol)/mg cytosol protein,(More)
SUMMARY We show in this study that the coseismic interferograms of the 17 August 1999 Izmit, Turkey earthquake include atmospheric signal correlated with topography. The phase-elevation ratio decreases with increasing elevation, reaching up to 10 cm of relative phase delay. Although the phase-elevation ratio also varies laterally, a simple, horizontally(More)