Ralf Westphal

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We present an approach for estimating the relative transformations between fragments of a broken cylindrical structure in 3d. To solve this problem , we first measure the orientation and position of the cylinder axes for each fragment by an adapted kind of Hough Transformation. The cylinder axes are an important feature for separation of fractured areas and(More)
8 1. Abstract 9 We presents a new CT-based approach for estimating the relative transformations between 10 fragments of fractured long bones for computer aided and semi-automatic bone alignment and 11 fracture reduction in surgery. 12 2. Materials and methods 13 First of all we segment, label and reconstruct the relevant fragments of the fractured bone in(More)
Reduction in femoral shaft fractures can be difficult to achieve with minimally invasive techniques. Malalignment and high intra-operative radiation exposure can result. The hypothesis was that robot-assisted fracture reduction could improve the quality of reduction while reducing the amount of radiation exposure. A robot system was developed that allows(More)
ron gamma und TNF alpha vor sowie 6, 24 und 48 Stunden nach Reposition mittels FACS (Durchflusszytometrie) und ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay) bestimmt. Darüber hinaus erfolgte die histologische Analyse des durch den Repositionsvorgang hervorgerufenen Weichteilschadens in Muskelpräparaten, welche nach Tötung der Tiere im Be-reich der(More)