Ralf W. Seifert

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To analyze the operation of an arbitrary AGV system under selected vehicle routing strategies, we present a simulation model that can handle multiple system layouts, a varying number of AGVs, and a varying number of pedestrians moving around the system. We introduce a dynamic vehicle routing strategy based on hierarchical simulation that operates as(More)
In addition to internal R&D, external knowledge is widely considered as an essential lever for innovative performance. This paper analyzes knowledge spillovers in supply chain networks. Specifically, we investigate how supplier innovation is impacted by buyer innovation. Financial accounting data is combined with supply chain relationship data and patent(More)
Keywords: Supply chain network design Carbon footprint Emission policy Supply chain responsiveness Functional/innovative products Green supply chain management a b s t r a c t Concern related to sustainability and greenhouse gases has grown among citizens as well as firms, which are increasingly committing to carbon emission reduction targets. However,(More)