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In four experiments with ryegrass and alfalfa, cut herbage was wilted in the field and silage made in 1- or 200-L silos. Direct-cut (mean DM, 20.3%), low wilt (mean DM, 26.0%), medium wilt (mean DM, 36.2%) and high wilt (mean DM, 47.7%) herbages were used. Fraction 1, the most abundant leaf protein, was measured by crossed immunoelectrophoresis using rabbit(More)
Phospholamban, a sarcoplasmic reticulum phosphoprotein, is present in the hearts of mammalian, avian, amphibian, and fish species. Phylogenetic changes are indicated by marked differences among species in cardiac phospholamban content and by the absence of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent phospholamban phosphorylation at an early developmental stage.
Thrombus growth at the site of vascular injury is mediated by the sequential events of platelet recruitment, activation and aggregation concomitant with the initiation of the coagulation cascade, resulting in local thrombin generation and fibrin formation. While the biorheology of a localized thrombus formation has been well studied, it is unclear whether(More)