Ralf Staebler

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Deforestation in mid- to high latitudes is hypothesized to have the potential to cool the Earth's surface by altering biophysical processes. In climate models of continental-scale land clearing, the cooling is triggered by increases in surface albedo and is reinforced by a land albedo-sea ice feedback. This feedback is crucial in the model predictions;(More)
Measurements of gaseous elemental mercury (GEM), reactive gaseous mercury (RGM) and particulate mercury (PHg) were collected on the Beaufort Sea ice near Barrow, Alaska, in March 2009 as part of the Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snowpack (OASIS) and OASISCanada International Polar Year programmes. These results represent the first atmospheric mercury speciation(More)
Vertical profiles of O3 and SO2 concentrations were monitored at the Borden Forest site in southern Ontario, Canada from May 2008 to April 2013. A modified gradient method (MGM) was applied to estimate O3 and SO2 dry deposition fluxes using concentration gradients between a level above and a level below the canopy top. The calculated five-year mean (median)(More)
Photochemical reactions in snow can have an important impact on the composition of the atmosphere over snow-covered areas as well as on the composition of the snow itself. One of the major photochemical processes is the photolysis of nitrate leading to the formation of volatile nitrogen compounds. We report nitrite concentrations determined together with(More)
The elderly are at great risk of experiencing mental illness, and of not receiving necessary treatment. In Washington State, it was discovered that many of the elderly residing in public housing units suffered from mental illness and were too afraid to seek outside assistance or treatment. The Community Connections program was designed to provide onsite,(More)
Although Medicaid has done much to relieve the health care burdens of the poor and the elderly, it is still widely viewed as falling short of its charge to provide the poor and indigent with access to quality health care. The most frequently discussed problems with the program relate to its structure of eligibility, benefits, and payment policy--which vary(More)