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This paper focuses on the realization and application of a generic protocol stack for reconfigurable wireless communication systems. This focus extends the field of software-defined radios which usually concentrates on the physical layer. The generic protocol stack comprises common protocol functionality and behavior which are extended through specific(More)
Following the WINNER vision of a ubiquitous radio system providing wireless access for a wide range of services and applications across all environments, D3.4 has continued the evolution of relay-based deployment concepts presented in D3.1 and D3.2 towards an understanding of the best deployment concepts for the envisioned WINNER scenarios. Continued work(More)
The huge growth in wireless communication has led to a wide range of technologies each addressing a particular scenario or need. The goal of the WINNER project is to develop a single new ubiquitous radio access system concept to address the whole spectrum of mobile communications scenarios. This paper surveys the challenge of providing ubiquitous operation(More)
– The future success of the mobile communications revolution strongly depends on increasing the data rate and quality of service (QoS) available to the mobile user. This will enable value added services, which are not possible with current state of the art mobile wireless radio systems. While an increase in data rate, and maybe to some extent also QoS,(More)