Ralf Minkenberg

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Analyzing, structuring and organizing documented knowledge is an important aspect of knowledge management. In order to ease the access to text collections, in literature so-called document maps have been proposed which visualize the inherently vague semantic similarity structure of a corpus of documents. In this paper we investigate a document map system(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of moderate hypothermia during experimental cardiac surgery is associated with decreased expression of tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha in myocardium and with myocardial protection. In order to identify the cellular mechanisms that lead to that repression, we investigated the effect of hypothermia during cardiac surgery on both main(More)
Electrophysiological results of sural nerve conduction studies were compared with quantitative histological data from the same nerve in 27 patients with alcoholic neuropathy. Diminution of amplitude and/or conduction velocity of the main component was seen in 14 nerves. Minimum nerve conduction velocity, which was studied in 11 nerves, was lowered in eight(More)
Slow conducted components of sensory nerve action potentials were investigated in median and in sural nerves of controls and in patients with peripheral nerve diseases. In the normal group the slow components showed no relation to age which is in contrast to the maximum velocity. In both the median nerve and sural nerve of about 20% of the patients with(More)
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