Ralf M. Meyer

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Three series of trials were conducted to evaluate the effect of monensin on the growth performance of cattle. Twenty-four trials were conducted to evaluate the addition of monensin at 200 mg/d to limited quantities of supplemental concentrate for growing cattle grazing pastures. The pastures ranged from dormant end-of-the-season grasses and crop residues to(More)
The sudden death syndrome (SDS) is a relatively new problem in the feedlot industry. With SDS, apparently healthy cattle in late finishing die suddenly with no sign of sickness or lesions indicative of other diseases. Rumen fluid pH, histamine, total lactate, L(+) lactate and volatile fatty acids (VFA) were compared among 19 SDS cattle, two animals with(More)
Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate (Aerosol OT) has been used in a remarkably short period to obtain rumen ciliate-free cows. Two 30-g doses of Aerosol OT given on consecutive days appeared to effectively eliminate all types of rumen ciliate protozoa without harming the health of the host animal. Measurement of the rumen metabolic parameters of gas production,(More)
A “microscopic” model of phoneme recognition, which includes an auditory model and a simple speech recognizer, is adapted to model the recognition of single words within whole German sentences. “Microscopic” in terms of this model is defined twofold, first, as analyzing the particular spectrotemporal structure of the speech waveforms, and second, as basing(More)
Several synthetic elastomeric and plastomeric polymers were tested for suitability as artificial roughages. They were fed to rumenfistulated cattle fed grain only. Several of the polymers were regurgitated, remasticated and reswallowed, and they formed thin strands of intermeshed fiber that produced a large, loosely woven hay-like mass that floated on the(More)
While foraging, many animals alternate between feeding and scanning. Spectral analysis of continuous series of scan durations S and inter-scan intervals I for American Goldfinches Carduelis tristis, feeding either on small or large seeds, and choughs Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax showed that there were nonrandom fluctuations in the magnitude of S and I is all the(More)