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BACKGROUND Mammalian olfactory receptors (ORs) are subject to a remarkable but poorly understood regime of transcriptional regulation, whereby individual olfactory neurons each express only one allele of a single member of the large OR gene family. RESULTS We performed a rigorous search for enriched sequence motifs in the largest dataset of OR promoter(More)
Despite significant improvements in lentivirus (LV) vector-based gene therapy there are still several safety risks using LV vectors including the potential formation of replication-competent LV particles. To address this shortcoming, we constructed a novel and safer gene transfer system using modified SIN-based LV gene transfer vectors. Central to our(More)
Copper zinc superoxide dismutase (CuZnSOD) is an important enzyme for the detoxification of reactive oxygen species. Particularly in the central nervous system (CNS), reactive oxygen species are often associated with acute brain injuries and chronic neurodegeneration. It has been demonstrated in vivo that there is an inverse correlation between CuZnSOD(More)
Two major limitations to achieve efficient homing endonuclease-stimulated gene correction using retroviral vectors are low frequency of gene targeting and random integration of the targeting vectors. To overcome these issues, we developed a reporter system for quick and facile testing of novel strategies to promote the selection of cells that undergo(More)
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