Ralf Lübcke

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Current pulses (I) were injected into the lumen of proximal colonic segments in vivo, and the corresponding voltage deflections (delta PD) superimposed on the transcolonic PD were recorded. From the exponential decay of delta PD along the colon axis, the electrical length constant (lambda) was determined. Based on cable analysis the input resistance (=(More)
The rat salivary duct epithelium, which actively transports Na+, K+, and H+/HCO3- in a manner similar to renal distal tubules, was used as a model tissue to study the mechanism of action of triamterene on electrolyte transport. 10(-4) M triamterene completely blocked Na+ resorption and lowered net K+ secretion to half that of controls, whereas HCO3-(More)
A new fine needle aspiration biopsy technique (Vacu-Cut, 19.5 G) was compared to the 17 G Menghini needle in 20 consecutive patients scheduled for routine percutaneous liver biopsy (10 at random with each needle). The Menghini system was superior in producing sufficient material for histological assessment with 90% success on first pass biopsy (100% with 12(More)
To The Editor." The pinworm S3phacia muris is a common intestinal parasite in rats. Usually no systemic illness is present, and intestinal histological changes have not yet been demonstrated in affected animals (1, 2). However, in a recent article in this journal we were able to demonstrate significant impairment of intestinal electrolyte transport in our(More)
A direct clamping technique is demonstrated, which allows monitoring of rapid changes of the short-circuit current (I sc) and the specific transepithelial resistance (R m) as well as measurement of ion fluxes under short-circuit conditions in vivo. Due to the cylindrical symmetry of the colon the intraluminal electrode was devised as a centrally fixed(More)
The effects of atrial natriuretic peptide were investigated on water and electrolyte transport in the human jejunum. Six healthy male volunteers (aged 21-33 years) were studied using a triple lumen perfusion technique. A plasma like electrolyte solution containing polyethylene glycol (5 milligrams) as a non-absorbable marker was perfused into the jejunum at(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The incidence of esophageal adenocarcinoma has increased significantly. Barrett's esophagus (BE), a known precursor, has a high prevalence but only few patients with this condition progress to malignancy--surveillance and screening programs are controversial and lack proven efficacy. This retrospective analysis reviews the 13-year(More)
Relation of dark cells to the transport of H/HCO3 and K ions: A microperfusion study in the rat submaxillary duct. Transport of Na', and H1HC01 by the epithelium of the main excretory duct of the rat submaxillary gland was determined in rats subjected to metabolic acidosis and metabolic alkalosis. In addition, the morphology of the epithelium, which is(More)