Ralf Keuthen

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This paper presents a new class of heuristics which embed an exact algorithm within the framework of a local search heuristic. This approach was inspired by related heuristics which we developed for a practical problem arising in electronics manufacture. The basic idea of this heuristic is to break the original problem into small subproblems having similar(More)
This paper considers an optimization problem arising in the automated manufacture of printed circuit boards. An essential part of this problem is to determine good component pick and place sequences as this can reduce the overall assembly time significantly. This component placement sequence problem can be modelled as a Travelling Salesman Problem, however(More)
In this paper we present effective new local and variable neighbourhood search heuristics for the asymmetric Travelling Salesman Problem. Our local search approach, HyperOpt, is inspired by a heuristic developed for a sequencing problem arising in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. In our approach we embed an exact algorithm into a local search(More)
This paper considers a scheduling problem arising for numerically controlled machines in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. In order to maximize the throughput rate of these machines the time taken for the pick and place sequence of components for each board has to be minimized. The determination of good pick and place sequences on a single(More)
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