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The relative contributions of the intra-and extravascular compartments of the extracellular fluid (ECF) to the control of osmoregulatory renal functions were examined in saltwater-acclimated Pekin ducks. Having established steady-state diuresis and salt gland secretion by continuous infusion of 1 ml·min-1 isotonic Krebs-Ringer-Bicarbonate (KRB) solution, 5%(More)
In order to assist veterinarians with the diagnosis of diseases in snakes, the organ topography of 142 dissected snakes of 35 different species was analysed and examined in relation to body size and normal biotope. Apart from characteristic species specific differences, it was shown that there is a clear difference between arboreal and terrestrial snakes.(More)
A recently performedXMM-Newton observation of the ULIRG NGC 6240 clearly indicates the presence of an AGN contribution to its X-ray spectrum. In the 5.0 7.0 keV energy range there is a clear signature of the fluorescent Fe K α lines at 6.4, 6.7 and 6.9 keV, respectively. The line strength of the 6.4 keV line cannot be produced by a thermal component. The(More)
We have analyzed optical spectra of 473 X-ray and 235 optically selected AGNs, to study their emission line properties. We present results of an analysis of the Hβ linewidths. We find that the linewidth distribution of quasars is shifted towards higher velocities (<v>=4300 km s) compared to the distribution of Sy 1s (<v>=3000 km s). There are no Narrow Line(More)
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