Ralf Karrenberg

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Data-parallel programming languages are an important component in today's parallel computing landscape. Among those are domain-specific languages like shading languages in graphics (HLSL, GLSL, RenderMan, etc.) and "general-purpose" languages like CUDA or OpenCL. Current implementations of those languages on CPUs solely rely on multi-threading to implement(More)
BACKGROUND A prospective, randomised study was undertaken to investigate the effect of intravenous infusion of either iloprost, the stable prostacyclin (PGI2) analogue, or alprostadil (prostaglandin E1) on peripheral resistance (PR) during femoro-distal reconstruction. METHODS A prospective randomised study was performed with 35 patients. The PR(More)
Power consumption is a prevalent issue in current and future computing systems. SIMD processors amortize the power consumption of managing the instruction stream by executing the same instruction in parallel on multiple data. Therefore, in the past years, the SIMD width has steadily increased, and it is not unlikely that it will continue to do so. In this(More)
While a number of different shading languages have been developed, their efficient integration into an existing renderer is notoriously difficult, often boiling down to implementing an entire compiler toolchain for each language. Furthermore, no shading language is broadly supported across the variety of rendering systems. AnySL attacks this issue from(More)
A report is given on 2 patients with postoperative liver and kidney insufficiency who showed a hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI) after the infusion of fructose and sorbitol. The pathophysiological and clinical signs of this rare disease are described. Since irreversible organ damage occurs already after the infusion of more than 30 to 40 grams fructose(More)
The advanced age and resulting polymorbidity of our patients are a great risk in the post-operative treatment of adenomas of the vesical cervix. TUR with low-pressure irrigation is clearly superior to the continuous-rinse resectoscope due to the greater reliability of its suction and is a good method of operative therapy for these old patients due to the(More)
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