Ralf Jungclaus

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TROLL is a language particularly suited for the early stages of information system development, when the universe of discourse must be described. In TROLL the descriptions of the static and dynamic aspects of entities are integrated into object descriptions. Sublanguages for data terms, for first-order and temporal assertions, and for processes, are used to(More)
In this paper, an approach to formally specify a conceptual model of a system and its environment to be developed in a behavior-oriented way is presented. We identify those concepts of object-oriented approaches that have to be formalized. We then propose characteristics of behavior-oriented mathematical models representing a system as a collection of(More)
We present features of the language T ROLL for the abstract specification of information systems. Information systems are regarded to be reactive systems with a large database. Before we present the constructs of T ROLL , we briefly explain the basic ideas on which the language relies. The UoD is regarded to be a collection of interacting objects. An object(More)