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The whole cell patch-clamp technique, in both standard and perforated patch configurations, was used to study the influence of Na+-Ca++ exchange on rundown of voltage-gated Ca++ currents and on the duration of tail currents mediated by Ca++-dependent Cl- channels. Ca++ currents were studied in GH3 pituitary cells; Ca++-dependent Cl- currents were studied in(More)
The estimation of the number of channels in a patch was assumed to be equivalent to the estimation of the binomial parameter n. Seven estimators were evaluated, using data sets simulated for a range of parameters appropriate for single channel recording experiments. No single estimator was best for all parameters; a combination of estimators is a possible(More)
Excitability is generated in developing skeletal muscle by the incorporation of sodium-selective ion channels into the surface membrane. Whole-cell and patch voltage-clamp recording from myotubes and their embryologic precursors, myoblasts, indicated that voltage-activated sodium current in myoblasts was more resistant to block by tetrodotoxin (TTX) than(More)
The Ba2+ currents and mRNA levels of four members of the rat brain family of alpha 1-subunit Ca2+ channel genes were examined and compared in the rat cell lines GH3 and PC-12 and in the mouse lines NIE-115 and AtT-20. The RNA was measured with ribonuclease protection assays using probes derived from rat brain (rb) Ca2+ channel cDNAs (rbA, rbB, rbC, and(More)
The innate immune response to Babesia bovis infection in cattle is age-related, spleen-dependent and, in stabilate inoculated calves, has type-1 characteristics, including the early induction of IL-12 and IFN-gamma. In this study with three calves, parameters of innate immunity were followed for 2 weeks after tick transmission of B. bovis. Each calf(More)
Tissue-cultured rat myoballs were examined electrophysiologically with a suction pipette, which was used for voltage clamping and internal perfusion. The lidocaine derivative QX-314 caused a time- and membrane potentia-dependent block of acetylcholine-induced current only when applied from the extracellular membrane surface. The same compounds caused a(More)
The initiative to INDREX-II originated from the recommendation of the POLinSAR 2003 workshop held by the European Space Agency (ESA) in Frascati, Italy. From the participating scientists a gap in the knowledge and performance of polarimetric and interferometric SAR over tropical forest has been identified and a recommendation has been given for an airborne(More)
The Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT) is widely used in scientific research as well as in clinical practice. But there exists little research on the structure of the AVLT. We investigated the structure of a German version of the AVLT and VLMT, in 232 patients of a psychiatric clinic and in 872 patients of an epileptologic clinic. First we stated a(More)
Mechanosensitive channels can be observed in most cell types during single-channel recording and have been implicated in many cellular processes. Potassium-selective single-channel currents, both stretch-activated and stretch-inactivated, can be observed in growth cones and cell bodies of Lymnaea stagnalis neurons. Equivalent macroscopic mechanosensitive(More)
A statistical comparison is presented of Markov and fractal models of ion channel gating. The analysis is based on single-channel data from two types of ion channels: open times from a 90 pS Ca-activated K channel from GH3 pituitary cells, and closed times from a nonselective channel from rabbit corneal endothelium (Liebovitch et al., 1987a). Maximum(More)