Ralf Heidger

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development of new operational procedures together with the supporting systems in order to modernize the pan-European air traffic management (ATM). One consequence of this development is that more and more information is presented to –and has to be processed by– air traffic control officers (ATCOs). Thus, there is a strong need for a software design concept(More)
—In this paper, an approach for runtime analysis and automated knowledge-based IT management is presented and applied to the example of an Air Traffic Control (ATC) system. An analysis method has been developed, which combines the strengths of formal ontologies and Complex Event Processing (CEP). Thereby, the configuration of the whole analysis process is(More)
The approach presented in this paper aims to support developers by delivering methods and IDE-based tools for semi-automatic source code instrumentation that improve efficiency and consistency of the instrumentation process, and thus reduces the overall effort to be put into instrumentation. Our solution focuses on code generation for logging and(More)
In recent years, enterprise applications faced an ever growing complexity of business processes as well as an increase in the number of interacting hardware and software components. The ability to efficiently manage their IT infrastructure up to the application level is therefore critical to a company's success and results in rising importance of Service(More)
A n aircraft is most at risk for an accident when it's still on the ground—when taxiing before takeoff or after landing. This is because traffic throughput on the ground is limited by inadequate airport infrastructures and is often incapacitated during conditions of poor visibility. To help address these problems, a new Advanced Surface Movement Guidance(More)
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