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Using Semantic Web technologies in the domain of online recruitment could substantially increase market transparency, lower the transaction costs for employers, and change the business models of the intermediaries involved. In this paper, we describe how online recruitment processes can be streamlined using Semantic Web technologies. We analyze the(More)
To compare autonomic and neuroendocrine responses during lactate-induced panic attacks, heart rate variability and cortisol and atrial natriuretic hormone (ANH) levels were measured in patients with panic attacks and in healthy control subjects. In a randomized double-blind design, all subjects received either 10 ml/kg body weight of 0.5 M racemic sodium(More)
Weaving the Semantic Web the research community is working on publishing publicly available data sources as RDF data on the Web. Well-known costand process-oriented problems of ontology engineering hinder the employment of ontologies as a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective means for integrating data in corporate contexts. We propose an innovative(More)
In our research we explore the benefits resulting from the application of Semantic Web technologies in the recruitment domain. We use currently available standards and classifications to develop a human resource ontology which gives us means for semantic annotation of job postings and applications. Furthermore, we outline the process of semantic matching(More)
A technique for rotational total skin electron irradiation is presented in which the patient stands on a slowly rotating platform (SSD = 285 cm) in a large uniform linear accelerator electron field (Eo = 3.5 MeV). The beam is scattered by the transmission ionization chamber and by a special lead/aluminum scattering filter, and then degraded by a sheet of(More)
The realization of the Semantic Web as a linked machine readable Web of data depends on the availability of authoring tools that enable ordinary Web users (i.e. non-experts w.r.t. Web technologies) to create and publish semantic data. In this paper, we introduce the " One Click Annotator " for enriching texts with RDFa annotations and linking resources(More)