Ralf Häussler

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Over the last decade, various technologies for visualizing three-dimensional (3D) scenes on displays have been technologically demonstrated and refined, among them such of stereoscopic, multi-view, integral imaging, volumetric, or holographic type. Most of the current approaches utilize the conventional stereoscopic principle. But they all lack of their(More)
Large real-time holographic displays with full color are feasible with SeeReal’s new approach to holography and today’s technology. The display provides the information about the 3D scene in a viewing window at each observer eye. A tracking system always locates the viewing windows at the observer eyes. This combination of diffractive and refractive optics(More)
We demonstrate a full-range complex and transmissive spatial light modulator (SLM) for simultaneous and independent amplitude and phase modulation of an input wave field. Arbitrary scalar complex optical fields are generated by stacking a pixelated liquid crystal display operating in phase-only (2π) modulation with passive polarization-sensitive components.(More)
A holographic 3D display with 300  mm×200  mm active area was built. The display includes a spatial light modulator that modulates amplitude and phase of light and thus enables holographic reconstruction with high efficiency. Furthermore, holographic optical elements in photopolymer films and laser light sources are used. The requirements on these optical(More)
The phase of Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in mesoscopic diffusive metal rings in the presence of a magnetic field, can be modulated by the application of a dc-bias current Idc . We address the question of how a variation of Idc and hence of the microscopic phases of the electronic wave functions results in the observable ‘‘global’’ phase of the conductance(More)
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